Nail Services

Manicure Service

Deluxe Manicure $12 

Gel Manicure $25 

Collagen Glove $10 

Polish Change

Hands $7 

Hands with French $12 

Toes $9 

Toes with French $14 

Gel Hands $20 

Gel Toes $22 

Gel Polish

$13 on top of any other service

Take Off $5 


Full Set/Overlay $23 

Fill-Ins $18 

Gel Nails (powder)

Full Set/Overlay $28 

Fill-Ins $20 

Pink & White (Including UV Gel topcoat )

Full Set $42 

Fill-Ins (Pink & White) $37 

Fill-Ins (Pink only) $25 

Liquid Gel

(Alternative technology for healthier nails enhancements)

Full Set (Regular) $50 

Fill-Ins (Regular) $35 

Full Set (Pink & White) $65 

Fill-Ins (Pink only) $35 

Fill-Ins (Pink & White) $60 

NexGen/Dip Powder

(New technology for healthier nails enhancements)

Full Set (Regular) $35 

Full Set (Pink & White) $45 

Fill-Ins (Same Color) $30 

Fill-Ins (Pink & White) $40 

Fill-Ins (Pink only) $30 

Nail Art

Freehand Design (2 nails) $5  & up

Freehand Design (10 nails) $15  & up

Rhinestones (10 stones) $5  & up

3-D Nail Decoration (1 nail) $5  & up

3-D Freehand Design (2 nails) $15  & up

3-D Inlay (2 nails) $10  & up

Matte Top Coat $3 

Additional Services

Take off (w/o service) $10 

(w/service) $5 

Take off Nails & Polish $14 

French $5 

Color Acrylics $10  & up

Nails Repair (1 nail) $3  & up

Big Toe Nail (1 nail) $5  & up

Buff $5 

Waxing/ Eyelashes

Face Waxing  

Eyebrows $9 

Lip $5 

Chin $7 

Sideburns $10 

Full Face $30 

(eyebrows, chin, lips and side face)  

Body Waxing

Under Arms $12 

Full Arms $40  to $50

Half Arms $25  to $30

Full Legs $50  to $60

Lower Legs $30  to $40

Back $40 

Stomach $25  to $30

Chest $30  to $35

Bikini Line $22 

Brazilian $50  to $60


Extension (Short or Medium) $27 

Extension (Long) $30 

Take off (w/0 service) $8 

Take off (with service) $5 

Individual eyelashes $120  -$150

Fill-In $50  & up

Spa Pedicures

Chamomille Pedicure (50 min) $48 

Chamomille Spa – Potent herbal remedy that soothes stressed skin and aching muscles. Full of antioxidants to ease anxiety and stress; relax the body and the mind with the proven natural effects of chamomile. Enjoy the light script scent of chamomile and luxuriate yourself in aromatherapy because you deserve it.

Pearl Pedicure (45 min) $43 

Pearl Spa – Revive your tired legs and feet with this pedicure, including aromatic foot soak with pearl powder. Pearl powder is a beauty and health secret from Asia. It contains calcium, protein, amino acids and is believed to be good for bone development.

Voesh New York Pedicure (40 min) $38 

With Voesh you will find the relief and safety that you have been seeking – skincare that actually works, long-term, without any irritation and with the knowledge and quality you deserve. Lavender benefits in being antiseptic and anti-fungal which help to reduce scarring and speeds healing. It is also an anti-inflammatory and circulatory stimulant.

Deluxe Pedicure (25 min) $23 

(With disposable liner) Start by relaxing in our pedicure chair, your feet will rejoice in a relaxing soak. Includes nail shaping, cuticle trimming, callus removal, and foot massage. Finished with a polish application to make your feet feel rejuvenated.

Add-On Services

Collagen Socks $10 

Enriched with collagen, botanic and essentials ingredients, ultra-nutritious, moisturizer penetrates quickly to protect and moisturize your feet.

Paraffin Treatment $10 

Your feet will be wrapped in hot wax containing lanolin, aloe vera, vitamin A and E for treating intensively dry, cracking flaking skin.

Foot Reflexology (10 min) $10